Computer Services

Sick Hard driveSerenity Computer Services provide on site computer service and repairs in your home or small business, or we can also arrange for your computer to be pickup and dropped off at a time that's convenient for you. We operate seven days a week including after hours with the aim to provide a prompt friendly service you can rely on.

Maintenance Service

Many people don't realise it, but computers are just like cars: you either maintain them regularly, or they can break down at the most inopportune times. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on tune-up software when their computer appears to be running slow only to discover it has made no difference.
These days if the computers Central Processing Unit (CPU) starts to overheat it is designed to lower it's working speed to reduce the build up of heat to prevent it from sustaining damage. The number one cause of this is dust, PC's hate dust (see "Dust - The computer killer" in right column). Dust acts like an insulating blanket inside your computer letting heat build up. It blocks airflow and causes your computer to work harder than necessary and eventually to overheat which can result in slower working speed, crashes and lock-ups or even die.

Let us get your computer breathing again: Serenity Computer Services recommends a 6 month complete cleaning cycle. We have two cleaning packages to choose from (see below). For more information or to book a cleaning Call: 0407 129 446.

Our maintenance service packages:

Dust clogged CPU heat sink & fan
Before - Cleaning After - cleaning
Swipe mouse over to see before and after cleaning
Package 1
PC cleaning
inside and outside
---- $120.00 ----
  • Heat sink and fan removed and cleaned.
  • New thermal compound applied to CPU.
  • Clean all other fans and dust screens
    to restore airflow.
  • Remove all dust and cobwebs from inside case.
  • Clean Keyboard, mouse and speakers.
  • Clean monitor screen.
  • Wipe down case and monitor.
Package 2
cleaning package 1 PLUS
System Tune-up
---- $160.00 ----
  • All of package 1
  • Back up your important data.
  • Disc check for hard drive health.
  • Update operating system.
  • Optimise start up for faster start up &
    free more memory.
  • Ensure virus software up to date and working.
  • Clean Windows registry.
  • Clean out internet history and temp files.
  • Clean out recycle bin and Windows temp files.
  • Check for Spyware and Malware
  • Defragment your hard drive.


Fed up with have to disassemble your computer and haul it to the repair shop whenever something goes wrong or it needs a service then wait a week or more to get it back? We will come to your office or home to solve your computer worries. Call us now to make a time that suits you, even evenings and weekends.

Problems may include:

PC Service
  • Computer Crashing or just won't start.
  • Computer Freezing.
  • The "blue screen of death."
  • Computer performance has slowed.
  • Strange noises & vibrations.
  • Monitor won't come on.
  • Over heating.
  • Printer not printing.
  • NTLDR is missing message.
  • Plagued with viruses or spyware.
  • No Sound.
  • Not connecting to the Internet.

With over 30 years experience, fixing your computer is what we do best. We will explain to you what the problem is and the best course of action in a language you can understand (no techno jargon).

Note: while most repairs can be carried out on site there are some repairs that will require significantly more time especial if tests need to be run such as memory testing which can run into hours, or a full reinstall of the operating system. So to reduce the time and cost to you it will be suggested that you allow us to take your computer back to our work shop where the work can be continued. Your computer will be returned to you the next day or at your convenience.

New Systems & Upgrade

Set Up for $85 Need a new computer but are confused with all the options such Dual core or quad core, Intel or AMD? The list go on and on and becomes more confusing. We can help in determining what is right for you and point you in the right direction when you're interested in a named brand desktop computer or laptop, this way you will not be paying for a computer that has far more power and features than you need. If required we can set your new computer up for you so you can be sure your internet, printer and any other peripherals you may have are working correctly.

New Systems from $800We can custom build a new system for you

Need a new computer but want more than named brands offer. We can custom build your system for you using well known part such as Gigabyte, Asus & Seagate. Prices start from $800.00

Build a new system yourself with our help

Ever wanted to build your own computer but were unsure of how to do it? Well now you can. For the same price as we charge to setup a computer ($85.00 + your parts) we will purchase all the components for your new system but instead of us building it we will come to you and guide you in assembling it. We will explain the ins and out along the way then to finish we will walk you through installing your Windows operating system.


We can help you with all your upgrade needs.

  • Blu Ray/DVD burners.
  • More memory(Ram).
  • Faster Processor.
  • Solid State Drive
  • additional Hard Drives.
  • Faster Graphics card.
  • WiFi network card.
  • USB card reader.
  • Larger monitor.
  • External Storage.

Broadband / Internet installation & Help

Modem Set Up for $60 Do you need help setting up your internet? Having problems with your modem or just what a better modem install. We have been getting people on the the net and helping with their problems since it all began. Whether it just some free friendly advice about modems or internet service providers give us a call we are happy to assist. If you would like us to come to you to help with the install & setup of a new modem or assist with a Broadband/internet problem we are happy to help. Our price starts at $100.00

Virus / Spyware removal

Virus Computer doing strange things. Has your home page mysteriously been hijacked and changed. You could be under attack from a Virus or Spyware, even if you have virus software install on your computer it is still possible to get infected. We can help. Our price starts at $100.00