Ruby PlanRuby plan $40 to $1200

The Ruby Plan Is designed for those who only need a few page. Often just a home, about and contact pages it is suited for most small businesses or the individual. Extra pages can always be added later. Call 0407 129 446 and arrange your free half hour consultation or if you require additional information. Alternatively you can use our question form on the contact page.

Visit our client portfolio page to view our creations.

Pricing in effect as of 1st November 2018.

2 to 5 pages $400 - $1200

  • Unlimited words:
  • Logo. If you have a logo this can be incorporated into the design if you desire. If you don't have a logo and would like one we can help design one for a small fee.
  • Up to 8 images per page. This can be images of your choice that you have taken or have been given with permission to use. If required we can find and supply images from online stock royalty free images and can discuss which ones you would like to use and how they can be incorporated into the design of the page.
  • Custom Designed Layout. We will custom design a page layout that conveys the purpose of your site. This can be built using an existing colour scheme you may already be utilising on such things as business cards and stationary or we can create a custom colour scheme to your liking.
  • 2 free changes: You will be able to make two free changes to the text or images within the first 2 months of having your site online.
  • Custom favourite Icon (Favicon): This is a tiny logo that appears at the far left of a browser's address bar and on tabbed pages that you have open. We can use your existing logo or create one for you.
  • 2 hour consultation. We all have likes and dislike a consultation will assist us in designing your site so that it is right for you. With this plan you will receive up to 2 hour of consultation after you have had your free half hour that we offer. The 2 hour portion can be broken into 2 one hour sessions if needed.


TickEach plan is just the starting block for your web site. There are many ways to enhance the look of your site, below are just some of the extra features you might want to think about adding and if you have seen something you would like to add to your site and it is not included here, just ask as there are too many extra features to list here.

  • Add a page $145.00: Once your web site is created you can add an extra page at any time for $145.00
  • Web image gallery from $75.00: An image gallery is a great way to display your photos or products and is a complement to any web site. These can be set up in many different styles, including self running slideshows. Image galleries start from $75.00 for up to 10 images, this includes any adjustment to the images such as cropping, colour adjustment. Add $2.50 for each additional image. Click here to see some examples of image galleries that are available.
  • Google maps $25.00: Having a map on your contact or about page can be a great way of helping your visitor find you. The map can be of varying size and allows you to zoom in or out. It can also be linked to Google maps to offer directions from a designated starting location.
  • Page changes: Once your web site is up and running and you have utilised your two free changes within the first six weeks. Changes you require are as follows:
    • $30.00 for minor changes that will take less than 1 hour such as changing a couple of images (static or in gallery) or replacing/adding blocks of pre typed text.
    • $50.00 - $100.00 for changes that are more complex such as changing all image gallery photos.
  • Update packages: Need your web pages updated regularly such as changing documentation or images. We can work out an update package that will suit your needs at a monthly or yearly rate that you will be happy with. If you think you may need a package discuss this with us during our consultation or it can be arranged at any time you decide you need one.